Contacting MUG Authorities

StartED Student CouncilContacting MUG Authorities
Whenever you feel the need to contact the MUG Authorities, please first contact your Representative of the Year:
* Your Rep can help you direct your question/complaint/request to the person directly responsible
* Your Rep can help you write a polite yet effective formal letter to support your request
* If necessary, your Rep can meet attend the formal meeting with you and the MUG Authorities

If you are not sure who is the Rep of your Year, just check the “Year Rep” page of your year’s Extranet pages.

Sometimes, your question/complaint/request may not be within the duties/responsibilities of MUG Authorities, but a particular Department.
So if you send a letter about it to the Authorities, you will not receive a response.

That is one more reason why you should contact your Rep first.

Keep in mind – skipping steps and writing directly to the Dean or the Rector will not make the process ‘faster’ or ‘more direct.’
In fact, it will be just the opposite.
Because the Dean and the Rector always check:
  • if the student has followed the chain of command
  • and what is the opinion of the Vice-Dean about this letter/case.

    Thank you and all the best!
    ED Student Council