Our accomplishments

StartED Student CouncilOur accomplishments

Since October 2009, MUGED has successfully negotiated the following changes at our University:

  • Responding to ED Students’ complaints and successfully replacing the Tutor of 5th Year
  • Helping the MUG Authorities to continue cooperation with the US government regarding student loans
  • Creating more facultative courses in English for ED students
  • Working with the Internet Projects Team on a solution to the problems with on-line registration for facultative courses
  • Making the on-line Teacher Evaluations available to ED Students [for the first time in ED history] and adding to it ED-specific questions
  • Working with the police to address the ED Students’ concerns about safety & establishing a cooperation
  • Getting approval for ED Students to vote for their Teacher of the Year [Amicus Studentis Award]
  • Adding snack & beverage machines in the lobby of Building 27 [Lab Diagnostics/Pathophysiology]
The ED Student Council successfully petitioned the MUG Administration and Gdańsk Police to provide a credit card-sized emergency card
On March 17th 2011, MUGED hosted a meeting with Rector Moryś and Vice-Dean Biernat.

At this meeting, the Year Reps formally brought the questions and complaints of the students of each year.
It was a productive meeting, as we obtained official responses and clarifications:

summary of the MUGED meeting with Rector & Vice-Dean Biernat on 17 III 2001 (335 KB)