Who are we?

Anuruddha Jayaratne
Council President

Magdalena Jarosz
Council Vice-President

Barbara Cybart
Secretary General
In short, we are students just like YOU.

In more detail, the ED Council Officers [President, Vice-President and Secretary] are
  • students with leadership skills
  • who were involved in ED student matters in the past – either as Group or Year Representatives
  • are elected by the incumbent/outgoing Officers

As you see on diagrams below, the Group and Year Representatives play a very important role.
Without them, the ED Council would be disconnected from the rest of the students.

MUGED structure
MUGED structure

In order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Reps, the ED Council together with the rest of the MUG Student Government has created a job description. It is translated into English and Polish and is identical for students of both ‘sides’ of the MUG Medical Faculty. Group and Year Representative job description (591 KB)

Last but not least, the ED Council is a separate part of the USS [Uczelniany Samorząd Studencki] which is the MUG Student Government representing all MUG students. The WRS [Wydziałowa Rada Samorządu/Faculty Committee of the Student Government] is a Committee of the USS that is responsible for the matters of each particular Faculty.

MUG Student Government
MUG Student Government