Making monthly payments

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Once you have registered your NFZ account at ZUS, you should make your first payment. This way, your insurance will be valid/active that very same day.

When you walk out of the ZUS office, turn left and head towards the Basilica
Turn left into this little street to get to Ulica Długa
You are now on Długa - turn right and go straight
Poczta/Post Office is on your left
Once inside, go straight into the main hall and take a number from the dispenser on your right
Select A from the dispenser
Fill out the ZUS payment slip according to the instructions you've gotten from NFZ
The NFZ booklet - you pick it up at office #3 of NFZ
A cover for the NFZ booklet - you can buy it at most kiosks
You can make this payment at any post office [using cash] or at your bank.

Use the instruction sheet you were provided by the NFZ employee.
It contains the full account number you will be paying your fees to.

There is a post office in Old Town conveniently located very close to the ZUS office.

You CAN make more than one payment at a time, as long as:
  1. you make separate money transfers
  2. you write on each transfer the name of the month you are paying for.

Also, you need to submit a new DRA form at the ZUS office for every month you are paying your fees.
HOWEVER, you also CAN submit more than one DRA form at a time.

In sum – you can make just 1 visit to the bank [or post office] and 1 visit to the ZUS office and still take care of everything for the entire calendar year.