Once you have signed-up at the NFZ office, the next step is to go to the ZUS office [Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych = Social Security Office]. There, you will register the account into which you will be paying your monthly insurance fees.

Fortunately, ZUS is located just a few hundred meters from the NFZ office.

As you walk out of the NFZ office, follow this street towards the St. Mary's Basilica
Keep going towards the Basilica
Turn left into this alley to go around the Basilica
Head straight towards the little tunnel
Go through the tunnel - you'll end up on Ulica Chlebnicka
You are now on Ulica Chlebnicka - the ZUS office is located next to the La Dolce Vita club
Office hours:
Monday 7:30-17:00
Tuesday 7:30-14:30
Wednesday 7:30-14:30
Thursday 7:30-17:00
Friday 7:30-14:30

Once you are there, take a number C from the dispenser, pick-up the pink ZZA form and an orange DRA form from the rack.
Fill out the basic information such as:
  • Seria i number dokumentu = Passport number
  • Nazwisko = your last name
  • Imię pierwsze = your first name
  • Data urodzenia = your birthday [dd/mm/year]
  • Płeć = your gender [K = female M = male]

    The ZUS Employee will help you fill out the rest and give you some printouts at the end.