Documents needed to sign-up

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Here are the documents you will need to have with you when you sign-up for the NFZ insurance:

1. A certificate of enrollment from the Dean’s Office
[request the copy to be written in Polish, this makes it much easier for the NFZ employees.
This certificate does not need to be signed by the Dean, the Dean’s Office stamp is enough.]

2. Your valid passport
[because you are enrolling in the insurance plan as a FOREIGN student and therefore qualify for the cheaper monthly fee of about 45zl/month]

3. A current certificate of Tymczasowe Zameldowanie in Gdańsk
[This is to confirm that you are residing in Poland. Here are the step-by-step instructions on tymczasowe zameldowanie

4. Your PESEL number
[you receive this number when you apply for the tymczasowe zameldowanie – just ask the City Hall employee to print it out for you and officially sign/stamp the print out]

5. Your valid MUG student ID
[if you want to pick-up the EHIC that same day. It will be valid until the same day as the current sticker on your MUG ID.]