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EHIC card
EHIC card

If you are a resident of an EU country, then you most likely already have health insurance from your government. If you have a valid blue European Health Insurance Card as the one on the picture on the left, then you do not need any additional insurance. Just make sure you have your card with you when you visit a doctor or hospital here in Poland.


If you do not have such insurance, then you can sign-up for health insurance from the NFZ [Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia = National Health Fund], the Polish government health insurance agency.

Benefits of the NFZ insurance:

  • accepted in ALL hospitals and most private clinics in Poland
  • entitles you to get the EHIC card, which is accepted in all EU countries
  • covers visits to ALL specialists
  • covers all diagnostic procedures [lab tests, x-rays etc]
  • covers emergency costs [ambulance, etc.]
  • covers stays at the hospital
  • reduces costs of prescribed medications

    The sign-up process requires some paperwork, walking around in Old Town and patience. However, you can get this done in one day and it is well worth it. Here are the main steps:

    1. gather your documents
    2. sign-up at the NFZ office
    3. register your account at ZUS office
    4. make your first payment [at post office or your bank]
    5. pick-up your insurance booklet [and EHIC if you want it] at the NFZ office