Filling out the Tymczasowe Zameldowanie form

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The Tymczasowe Zameldowanie [Temporary Residence] form is very short, 2-sided form and it is simple to fill out.
You can get copies of it from your Dorm Manager or download and print on your own:

Temporary Residence Form (118 KB)

Fill out the form as follows:

Tymczasowe Zameldowanie form, side 1
Upper right corner:
- if you are male, circle M
- if you are female, circle K.
Unless you know your PESEL number [Polish social security number] leave the row of boxes blank.

a) your last name and first/middle names/s,
b) your maiden name [if you are a female],
c) previous last name and names [if you changed your name],
d) names of your parents [if their last names are different from yours, also write their last names],

2. year/month/day of your birth date and the city/country of your birth,

3. Circle your marital status:

kawaler = bachelor,
panna = bachelorette,
żonaty = married male,
zemężna = married female,
wdowiec = widowed male,
wdowa = widowed female,
rozwiedziony = divorced male,
rozwiedziona = divorced female

4. Your address in Gdańsk:

miejscowość = city,
gmina [leave this one blank]
województwo = province [write “Pomorskie”]
ulica = street
nr domu = building number
nr lokalu = apartment/room number

5. Expected stay at this address,
od = from
do = until

6. Your permanent address [home address].
Instead of województwo write your country of residence.
Fill out the rest of the addreess same way as described above.

7. The level of education you have ALREADY completed]:

wyższe = university degree or beyond
policealne = post-high school courses/training [but not university level]
średnie = high school
zasadnicze zawodowe = vocational school
gimnazjalne = middle school
podstawowe = elementary school
niepelne podstawowe = incomplete elementary school

8. Your citizenship [if you have more than one, just write the same citizenship as the passport you have used to enter Poland].

Here are some Polish translations:

American = amerykańskie
Canadian = kanadyjskie
Chinese = chińskie
Finnish = fińskie
German = niemieckie
Indian = indyjskie
Iranian = irańskie
Norwegian = norweskie
Saudi Arabian = saudyjskie
Swedish = szwedzkie

Use the Google Translator if you don’t find your citizenship on this list.

Do NOT fill out the items below the dotted line.

Tymczasowe Zameldowanie form, side 2
On the other side of the form, you will find 4 additional sections to fill out.

9. Military service.
If you are NOT a Polish citizen, then circle “nie podlega” [not required to serve] and leave the rest of this section blank.
If you are a MALE Polish citizen, then you must clarify your military status with the local Wojskowa Komenda Uzupełnień

10. Dowód Osobisty [Polish National ID card].
If you do not have a Dowód Osobisty – leave this section blank.
If you have one, then fill out this section as well as the PESEL boxes on the front side of the form.

11. Document you have used to cross the Polish border.
Write the series/number of you passport, the issuing authority [usually named “passport bureau”] AND the date you have entered Poland.

The following section is filled out by your landlord or Dorm Manager.
If you live at the Dorm, make sure the Manager also stamps this section.

In the section below, there are two spaces for signatures.
Fill out ONLY the one labeled:
“data i podpis osoby meldującej się” = today’s date and YOUR signature.

That is all.
You have FINISHED filling out the form :-]

Once you have filled the form out and obtained your landlord’s [or Dorm Manager’s] signature, take your completed form and your passport to the Urząd Miejski [ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12].
You do NOT need to make an appointment – just come in during the office hours:

Monday 8:00 – 15:30
Tuesday 8:00 – 15:30
Wednesday 8:00 – 18:00
Thursday 8:00 – 15:30
Friday 8:00 – 15:30

Urząd Miejski [City Hall] - entrance is partially covered by the bus
Enter through either door
Once you are in the lobby - turn to your right and you will see this doorway and a number dispenser next to it
Select EWIDENCJA LUDNOŚCI, take your number and go through the door next to the dispenser into the ZESPÓŁ OBSŁUGI MIESZKAŃCÓW
Once inside, turn to your left and wait for your number to be called up

The City Hall Employee will complete the procedure and give you an official document confirming your address in Gdańsk.
If you change your address, or if the expiration date written on the certificate passes – you must go through the above procedure again.