Required vaccinations and lab tests

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In order to be allowed to have patient contact during your hospital internships and clinical courses, every MUG student must obtain the following:

  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • a lab test for salmonella/shigella
The lab test is performed by the Państwowa Inspekcja Sanitarna (also called Sanepid), a public health/epidemology agency.

Here are the step-by step instructions:

1. Obtain an official request for the lab test from the Dean’s Office or your Tutor of the Year.
This request ensures that the MUG will cover the cost of the lab test.

2. Take the request with you to the PIS/Sanepid lab (Ul. Hoene-Wrońskiego 5, just few hundred meters from Biomedicum)

Lab hours:
Monday-Friday 0800-1200
The PIS buildings are located on Ulica Hoene-Wrońskiego 5, directly across from the blood donation center. Walk through the gate and toward the building pictured.
Turn slightly to the left and walk between the two buildings
On your left you will see this door - go through it.
Inside the building you will see this hallway - the lab door is on the right
PIS/Sanepid lab
2. Give the request to the lab staff.
She will give you three one-page forms and three plastic containers for your stool samples.

3. Fill out the forms as follows:

NAZWISKO (last name), IMIĘ (first name), circle your sex (K=female, M=male), DATA URODZENIA (birthday) – year/month/day), ADRES (local address), circle NIE DOTYCZY (does not apply), below write any medications you are taking at the moment, DATA i GODZINA POBRANIA (day and time you collected the sample), circle OSOBA BADANA (person who is tested)
Circle the word OSOBISCIE (in-person) and sign.

4. For the next three days, bring a sample and a completed form to the lab once a day.
After you submit three samples, you will be told when to come back to the lab for the test result.

5. Keep the original of your lab result in a safe place.
Make a xerox copy of it and staple that copy in your green Summer Internship Booklet.