Summer Internship Book

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Summer Internships have always been the students’ favorite part of their medical studies:
no grades, no exams and a chance to do some real, hands-on medicine.

Because completing the Internships is a required part of studies, your green-colored Summer Internship Book is an official document. You need to have it properly filled out and stamped in order to:

  • Get admitted to the following year of study
  • Graduate/receive your diploma from MUG
Summer Internship Booklet cover
Write your name and last name on the cover.
Internship Booklet page 3
Attach your picture and fill-out page 3.
Internship Booklet page 7
After completing the internship, have the supervising doctor sign and put his/her stamp as well as the clinic’s stamp.

Afterwards, submit the booklet to your year’s Internship Supervisor [usually same person as the Tutor of the Year], to receive his/her signature.

Finally, submit the signed booklet to the Dean’s Office before the beginning of the following academic year.
Skills list
Keep track of all the skills you’ve learned during each internship.

Make sure that the supervising doctor signs each skill.

By the time you finish your studies at MUG, you are expected to have learned ALL the skills listed [and have them signed and stamped].