Healthcare for MUG Students

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In case you are sick, you are welcome to see an English-speaking doctor at the:

MUG Hospital Family Medicine Center (Centrum Medycyny Rodzinnej)
ground floor of Building 1 of MUG Hospital, Ulica Dębinki 7
7.45-18.00 [the last appointments are scheduled for 17.15]

To make an appointment in-person
- Take your insurance card with you and go to the Center

Building 1 of the MUG Hospital
Entrance to Building 1

To make an appointment by phone
- Call (58) 349-1608

Important tips
- the nurse or doctor will ask you about your symptoms and decide if you need to be seen on the same day or not – this is their professional decision, not yours
- if you do not have insurance [or don’t bring your proof of insurance], the visit will cost you 60zl
- you can schedule a non-urgent appointment [follow-up, annual check-up, prescription refills etc.] 2 weeks in advance

Night-time & weekends
- in case you are ill during the night or weekend, you should contact the following clinics:
Przychodnia Aksamitna – ul. Aksamitna 1, (58) 301-9152
Przychodnia Morena – ul. Jaśkowa Dolina 105, (58) 347-6892
Przychodnia Majewskich – ul. Majewskich 22, (58) 769-3711

Save the Emergency Department only for emergencies
Save the Emergency Department only for emergencies
In case of a life-threatening medical emergency such as:
  • loss of consciousness
  • shortness of breath
  • severe pain
  • epileptic attack
  • injury/accident
  • electrocution
  • burn
  • drug overdose
  • hemorrhage
  • sudden weakness/paralysis of limb

    Please visit the MUG Hospital Emergency Department [at the new hospital building on Smołuchowskiego 17]
    - open 24 hours/day