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Photo by Janusz Springer
Photo by Janusz Springer
Gdańsk bus map (2.48 MB)
photo by ZTM Gdańsk
photo by ZTM Gdańsk
Gdańsk tram map (353 KB)

Not sure how to get somewhere in the Tricity?
Just use the convenient jakdojade.pl website (or Android/iPhone app) to find exactly what bus or tram you need to take, check where to transfer, check the schedule and see the map of your route.

Current schedule of buses and trams in Gdańsk. Current bus & tram ticket prices

We highly recommend buying monthly (bilet miesięczny) or semester (bilet semestralny) tickets, that can be loaded into the microchip on your MUG Student ID Card.

Please be sure to check out ZTM’s website on how to obtain a student monthly ticket

Such tickets are available at a ZTM Punkt Obsługi Klienta (Customer Service Center), check their current office hours
ZTM logo
ZTM logo

The fastest and most eco-friendly way to buy tram or bus tickets anytime and anywhere is via mobile apps. You can use jakdojade.pl (Android or Apple or skycash.pl (Android or Apple)
In addition, tickets on skycash are cheaper than paper tickets – one more reason to switch to paperless.

Tips about buying bus/tram tickets
Don’t forget to stamp & keep your ticket