How to contact the Emergency Services

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The MUG campus is served by:

Komisariat/Precinct VIII
ul. Kartuska 245
80-125 Gdańsk
(058) 321 6822

Every Precinct assigns a Dzielnicowy [Community Officer], who works during the daytime office hours and his/her role is to be the link between the community and the Precinct.
Your questions, suggestions and NON-emergency complaints should be directed to the Precinct VIII Dzielnicowy:

Dzielnicowy mł. asp. Maksym Ciechanowski photo by: KMP Gdańsk
Dzielnicowy mł. asp. Maksym Ciechanowski photo by: KMP Gdańsk
mł.asp. Maksym Ciechanowski
571 335 075 / 58 321 6829

If you are in an EMERGENCY, dial 112 [from a cell phone]
or the service-specific numbers you see on top of this page [from a landline].
Both numbers are answered by the same Duty Officers who are experienced Police Officers

When calling, it is most effective if you provide the following information in this order:

1. the address/location/intersection you are calling from
[even if the call is interrupted for any reason, the Officer will know where to send a Police car to help you]

2. BRIEFLY explain what happened and who/what you need

3. is anyone injured?

4. who is the perpetrator? is s/he still at the location? how does s/he look like? do you know him/her?

5. your name & phone number

6. additional information [are any streets blocked? is there a crowd? etc.]

Wait for the dispatcher to disconnect/end the call.

MUG emergency card
MUG emergency card
The ED Student Council successfully petitioned the MUG Administration and Gdańsk Police to provide MUG students with this credit card-sized emergency card.

Listen to the pronunciation of the phrases written on this card